• Costcon a B2B pharmaceutical marketing company based in Mumbai (India), with a team of young, energetic and experienced individuals specializing in pharmaceutical marketing arena. We've partnered with numerous pharmaceutical manufacturing units and work together to increase their customer base, explore new markets/ opportunities, open new business avenues, find good partnership options, help in data collection/ data verification, maintain MIS, market/product analysis & presentation, generate leads, increase the market presence by effectively utilizing marketing tools & techniques, etc. We make effective use of DIGITAL MARKETING for business promotion and branding.

  • We act as an “EXTERNAL MARKETING TEAM” for our partners; for business development through effective and efficient marketing techniques and skill utilization. The focus is on better co-operation, trust building and good business generation prospects.We have close co-ordination with number of good companies for providing prompt and quality services enabling our business associates to accelerate their route to market quickly, safely and cost efficiently.

  • We differentiate our capabilities from competitors by maintaining a flexible, personal and responsive service to satisfy individual associate requirements.We work with pharmaceutical manufacturers, who are good in terms of product quality, exhibit dedication & passion to excel, and showcase intent for customer service…. In short, we represent companies that provide serious value to the clients.


Sourcing Partner

We are associated with manufacturers in India, offering various pharmaceutical Products for Domestic & International Pharmaceutical Companies

  • APIs
  • Advanced Intermediates
  • Speciality Chemicals
  • Pellets
  • Finished Formulations
  • Medical Devices

Other Value Added Services

  • Registration of foreign Companies, their APIs and Finished dosage forms in India
  • Project management for formulation Business for non –regulated / regulated markets
  • In -Sourcing / Out -Sourcing of technologies
  • API -Development, Manufacturing ,Service & Tech Transfer
  • Analytical Development
  • Working Standard & Impurities
  • Regulatory Affairs Management/ cGMP Support Services