Innovation is the life blood of Costcon Healthcare LLP. That is why we invest most of our time and efforts for development of NDDS (New Drug Delivery System) at Costcon Healthcare LLP. We believe that Innovation is must for long term sustainable growth of our company. We have been successful in implementing following Innovative Technologies at Costcon Healthcare LLP:

1) ODT (Oro Dispersible Technology)

Many patients, due to several reasons, experience difficulty in swallowing jelly capsules or tablets of oral administration. Therefore, patients sometimes abandon the prescriptions giving rise to non-compliance of medical treatment thus inefficient therapies. As an example, in some cases of motion sickness, panic attack episodes, allergies or coughing attacks, and the unavailability of water, for example, during a flight or while driving, swallowing conventional tablets can be difficult. These problems can be solved by means of an Orodispersible tablet (ODT). By placing these tablets or pills in the tongue they disintegrate instantly releasing the drug which dissolves or disperses in the saliva. There exist different technologies that create this type of tablets and a great amount of drugs are administered with this technology.

2) Oral Spray Technology

There is a need of oral drug administration technology which does not allow refusal of drug / dosage of particular medicine for non co-operative patients or smaller age group of patients. We have developed Oral spray technology which gives following advantages over other oral dosage forms:

  • Administration of smaller dosages
  • Minimal chances of refusal of medicines
  • Exact dosage delivery of medicine to patient
  • Faster onset of action
  • First Pass metabolism, which leads to lower dosage administration for highly potent drugs / medicines

3) Soft Chews For Younger & Elderly Patients

It is observed that there is a requirement of delivering certain micro-nutrients or smaller dosages of medicines other than conventional dosage forms. Younger and Elderly patients require something innovative in terms of increasing the palatability of nutritional supplements, micro-nutrients and smaller dosage of OTC kind of medicines. Our Scientists worked untiringly on development of soft chews with an objective of -

  • Increasing the palatability
  • Increasing the acceptability
  • Quicker onset of action
  • Avoid skipping of dosage